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Aladdin is a Disney Read-Along storybook based on the 1992 film of the same name. It is narrated by Jim Cummings as the peddler.


Ah, greetings, friends! I am here to tell you a story I first heard in the streets of an enchanted city called Agrabah. It is the story of Aladdin. You can read the tale along with me in your book. It was first told to me by a strange little man who was trying to sell me a lamp. As he started his tale, he threw magic dust into the air and it made this sound...
Now, every time you hear the magic dust sound, it will be a signal that it is time to turn the page.
Let us begin the story now:

Page 1[]

On a starry moonlit night, a dark figure named Jafar led a shifty thief to a secret cave in the desert. When the magnificent head of a Tiger-God rose out of the sand and revealed the entrance to the cave, Jafar ordered the thief inside. “Bring me the lamp. The rest of the treasure is yours – but the lamp is mine.”
The Tiger-God stopped the thief. “Know this. Only one who's rags hide a heart that's pure may enter here...the diamond in the rough.”
Jafar turned to his parrot companion Iago. “I must find this one...this ‘diamond in the rough’.”

Page 2[]

Far away in the market place of Agrabah, a wiry boy in ragged clothes ran for his life after stealing a loaf of bread.
The boy, whose name was Aladdin, escaped with the help of his pet monkey and sidekick, Abu. Sitting on the rooftop with the stale bread, Aladdin looked around sadly at their meager surroundings. “Someday, Abu, things are gonna change. We’ll be dressed in robes instead of rags...and be inside a palace looking out...instead of outside looking in.”

Page 3[]

Nearby, in the garden of the royal palace, the Sultan worried that his daughter, Princess Jasmine, wouldn’t like her latest suitor. “Dearest, you’ve got to stop rejecting every man who comes to call. The law says you must marry a prince by your next birthday.”
Jasmine sadly petted her pet tiger, Rajah. “Papa, if I do marry, I want it to be for love.”
Later that night, with only three days left until her next birthday, Jasmine slipped out over the garden wall to escape the pressures of palace life.

Page 4[]

Unaware that the Royal Vizier, Jafar, was secretly plotting to take control of the kingdom, the Sultan tried to consult with his advisor about his daughter. But avoiding the Sultan, Jafar retreated to his laboratory to work on his plan. While concocting a spell, a lightning bolt suddenly hit his hourglass and an image of Aladdin appeared. Jafar was surprised to discover that Aladdin was the diamond in the rough, able to enter the cave and retrieve the lamp. “Iago, have the guard, Razoul, find this boy and escort him to the palace.”

Page 5[]

Free at last, Jasmine wandered through her new world, dazzled by the sights and sounds of the marketplace. When she innocently took an apple to feed a hungry boy, the cart owner screamed: “Thief!”
Unaware that she was a princess, Aladdin rushed in to rescue her. “You’re new to the marketplace. Where are you from?”
“What does it matter...I ran away and I am not going back.”
Suddenly Razoul grabbed Aladdin. Jasmine turned angrily to the palace guard. “Unhand him by order of the princess.”
Stunned to learn her true identity, Aladdin could only look back helplessly as Razoul, following Jafar’s orders, hauled him away.

Page 6[]

While Jasmine mourned losing Aladdin, Abu found him chained in a dark dungeon thinking only of her. Jafar, disguised as a prisoner, limped towards Aladdin. “I know where there is a cave, boy, with enough treasure to impress even the lovely princess. I need a young pair of legs and a strong back to go in after it.”
“I would gladly help, sir, but how do we get out of here?”
Jafar moved a stone and a hidden staircase was revealed. Moments later, they were racing across the desert.

Page 7[]

Jafar led Aladdin and Abu to the Cave of Wonders. This time, the Tiger-God allowed Aladdin to enter. Jafar called in after the boy. “Remember, first bring me the lamp. Then you may touch the treasure, but not before.”
Inside, Aladdin and Abu discovered a huge cavern filled with riches. “Would you look at that? Why, just a handful of this stuff would make us richer than the Sultan.” It was difficult for Abu to keep from grabbing the fortune before them.

Page 8[]

As Abu and Aladdin explored the cave, a golden-tasseled carpet came to life and played peek-a-boo with them. “Look, Abu, a magic carpet!” The carpet floated closer. “Your owner must have come looking for the lamp, too. Do you know where it is?”
The carpet zipped off to reveal a huge cavern. The lamp rested at the top of a high stone staircase. While Aladdin climbed, Abu eyed a monkey idol holding a huge jewel nearby. Just as Aladdin reached the lamp, Abu grabbed the jewel. Instantly the voice of the Tiger-God echoed through the chamber: “You have touched the forbidden treasure! Now you shall never again see the light of day!”

Page 9[]

The cavern shook violently and the piles of treasure transformed into mountains of fire. Aladdin, Abu and the carpet scrambled to escape. At the cave entrance, Iago squawked. From above, Jafar reached down to grab Aladdin’s hand. “First give me the lamp.” Jafar clutched the lamp and quickly hid it under his robe. Then he released Aladdin and brushed Abu off his cloak, sending them hurtling back into the cave. “It’s mine! It’s all mine! With the power of this lamp I will control the kingdom.” But when Jafar reached back into his robe for the lamp – it was gone!

Page 10[]

The magic carpet caught the tumbling duo as the cave entrance closed and everything became still. Chattering excitedly, Abu happily revealed the lamp. Aladdin laughed. “Abu, why, you little thief.”
Aladdin rubbed some dirt off the lamp to get a better look. Colorful smoke spewed out of the spout and it took the form of a gigantic Genie! “Say, you’re a lot smaller than my last master.”
Aladdin was stunned. “Wait a minute. I’m your master?”
“That’s right. Direct from the lamp! Right here for your wish fulfillment. Three wishes to be exact. Uno. Dos. Tres.” In a dazzling display the Genie demonstrated his magical powers.

Page 11[]

Aladdin cleverly tricked the Genie into rescuing them from the cave without using up a wish. Then he smiled at his newfound friend. “Genie, if you could have a wish, what would you wish for?”
“To be my own master! Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world.”
“I’ll do it. I’ll set you free. I’ll use my third wish to set you free.”
The Genie was delighted. “Let’s make some magic. What is it you want most?”
“Well, could you make me a prince?” In a flash, the Genie created elegant robes and servants for Aladdin and turned him into Prince Ali.

Page 12[]

Back at the palace, Jafar and Iago discussed what to do next. Iago got an idea. “Marry the princess and you become the Sultan.”
Jafar thought about it. “The idea has merit.” Excited, he went to see the Sultan. Unrolling an official-looking scroll, Jafar read out loud: “‘If a princess has not chosen a husband by her next birthday, then the Sultan shall choose for her. And, in the event a suitable prince cannot be found, the princess may wed the Royal Vizier.’ That’s me.”
Using his snake-eyed staff to hypnotize the Sultan, Jafar ordered him to arrange the marriage.

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