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Caliph Kapok is the disembodied head of a wizard, from the Aladdin TV Series. He appears in the episode "Heads, You Lose".

His head is cold, calculating, and extremely malevolent. Without the compassion or emotions that come from his heart, he only thinks logically. His body is benevolent and (without his evil head) full of compassion, making it a beloved leader.

Role in the series[]

Caliph Kapok desires to have ultimate control over his beloved body, tricking the group into helping him regain control of his body. He managed to behead Aladdin once by the same process used to separate his own head and body. This resulted in some tension as Aladdin's cool, rational head initially disdained being re-attached to his emotional body, although the two achieved reconciliation after the body saved the head from falling into the fire, 'reminding' Aladdin's head that compassion and courage could have their place. When Kapok attempted to use his power on Jasmine, he was thwarted by his own game when Aladdin used a mirror to reflect his power back at him, thus separating his head and body once again. With Aladdin returned to his body by Kapok's body, the group departed his kingdom, confident that the body would be a more compassionate ruler than the head.