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You are a worthless street rat! You were born a street rat, you'll die a street rat. And only your fleas will mourn you!

Prince Achmed

Prince Achmed is a rich prince who appeared as a minor antagonist in Disney's 1992 animated feature film, Aladdin.


Prince Achmed is one of Jasmine's many suitors and the most recent until "Prince Ali" entered the picture. He is shown to be selfish, heartless, unkind, and snobbish. Jasmine herself described him as overdressed and self-absorbed. He cares little for people he perceives to be lesser than him. While Achmed was one of many princes attempting to win Jasmine's hand in marriage, he seemed to care little for her personally.



Prince Achmed is first seen riding his horse into Agrabah, gaining the attention of the town. A conversation between two men reveals that he is the latest in a series of suitors hoping to wed Jasmine. On his way, two poor orphan children abruptly ran in front of his horse. Achmed angrily orders them out of the way, calling the two "filthy brats."

Just as Achmed is about to attack the children with his whip, Aladdin steps in and manages to take the prince's whip away. Before tossing the whip back, Aladdin remarks that if he were as rich as the prince, he could "afford some manners". Affronted, Achmed shoves Aladdin into a nearby mud puddle. Aladdin returns the insult by loudly remarking on the sight of seeing a horse "with two rear ends". Angered, Achmed turns and refers to Aladdin as a "worthless street rat" and claims that Aladdin will die as such, only to be mourned by his own fleas. Aladdin gets up and begins to pursue Achmed, but is quickly cut off when the palace gates close.

The next morning, Achmed is seen leaving the palace in a huff, much to the disappointment of the Sultan. As he storms out, Achmed rants about how he has been insulted and sarcastically wishes the Sultan good luck in finding a husband for Jasmine. A discussion with Jasmine reveals that her tiger, Rajah, had attacked Achmed, ripping his pants and exposing the prince's undergarments. While Jasmine defends Rajah, claiming that the tiger just wanted to play, she inadvertently reveals her low opinion of the prince.

Presumably after leaving the palace, Prince Achmed returned to the kingdom from whence he came.

Afterwards, he isn't seen again for the rest of the film, although he was mentioned and unnamed by Aladdin.

Aladdin (2019)[]

Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders the suitor from Skånland in the 2019 remake.

In the Guy Ritchie remake, he is portrayed by Billy Magnussen and is named Prince Anders, a suitor from Skånland and potential husband for Princess Jasmine. His personality is different from the original film as he is now friendly, but dimwitted. When Aladdin takes his companion Dalia to see a whole view of Agrabah, he notices Prince Anders' arrival as he and Dalia go down to see his arrival. They notice a guard telling two children to make way for the prince as Aladdin tells him to be less harsh to them. Despite being mentioned, he does not physically appear until when he arrives at the palace of Agrabah where he tells the Sultan that he is to see Princess Jasmine. There, Jasmine brings her pet tiger Rajah, to which Anders is curious to know about him while talking to the princess. Anders continuously irritates Rajah by giving him questions about Jasmine's pet until the tiger pounces at him as Anders escapes from him. Anders later appears during Jasmine's party where he is shown to have survived his encounter with Rajah as Jasmine ignores him during the party. Afterwards, he did not marry Jasmine throughout the film.


  • "Achmed" is a variation of the name Ahmad. In Arabic, his name means "praiseworthy". It is one of the names of Prophet Muhammad is recognized for.
  • The oldest surviving feature-length animation is the 1926 Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed (The Adventures of Prince Achmed) by Lotte Reiniger, an Arabian Nights mash-up which incorporates the story of Aladdin. It is unknown whether this was a deliberate reference.
  • There is a small goof in his animation; Rajah is seen chomping on pink and red hearts cloth, but no cloth appeared to be ripped out of Achmed's underwear. It is possible that Prince Achmed wore two layers of underwear inside his pants.
  • He is similar to Chi-Fu from Mulan.
  • In the 2019 remake, Prince Anders serves as a rename for Prince Achmed from the original movie. However, unlike Prince Achmed, who was a cruel and snobbish bully, Prince Anders is friendly but dimwitted. Instead, Achmed's dialogue with Aladdin from the original film is given to an unnamed palace guard.
    • In addition, Achmed's dialogue with Aladdin from the original film is given to an unnamed palace guard.
  • Billy Magnussen, the same actor who portrayed Rapunzel's Prince in the film Into the Woods, portrays Prince Anders as a handsome and arrogant but bumbling and dim-witted suitor from Skånland who hopes to wed the princess.
  • Whilst he dosn't show up in the TV series, Prince Wazoo in Do the Rat Thing has a similar personality; like Anders, Wazoo is more bumbling than cruel.