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Scooter is Mechanicles' flying mechanical scarab. Often Mechanicles uses it as a mode of transportation.


He has the appearance of a giant beetle but made from gold. He has sharp munchers for teeth and long wings used to fly.

During the events of I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like, Scooter was briefly repurposed into a Mechanical Wasp.


He doesn't have a set personality but is loyal to Mechanicles, often helping him, serving him, or acting as a means of transportation and escape. Despite being a machine with only wind-up cogs and gears operating it, Scooter actually is capable of hearing and understanding verbal responses and responding accordingly, even staring with its "mouth" agape as if to simulate fear when Mechanicles gets angered at it. And it was also quick to respond to its master's distress when he needed iodine after being touched.


Getting the Bugs Out[]

Scooter is first seen leading the mechanical scarab attack against a small village which Mechanicles wishes to see destroyed, however Scooter and its siblings are quickly dealt with by Aladdin, Genie and Magic Carpet. Scooter however survives and with some difficulty returns to Mechanicles' secret hideaway where it reports its defeat to its creator by painting the likenesses of Aladdin, Genie and Carpet on the floor with oil. Though Mechanicles is pleased with the report, he ruthlessly kicks the damaged Scooter away for staining the floor.

I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like[]

Scooter (while remodeled as a wasp) was being cuddled by Mechanicles who was once again brooding over his most recent loss against Aladdin, however Scooter began malfunctioning and crashed itself against the table which caused Mechanicles to throw the damaged robot's remains against the wall which then spurred him to create Gregarius to finally defeat Aladdin.

Later when Genie was about to defeat Gregarius by shrinking down and sabotaging his inner workings, Mechanicles sent out the now repaired Scooter to pursue Genie but Genie was able to crash Scooter into Gregarius', giving Genie an entrance into Gregarius and sabotaging him from the inside, defeating it and Mechanicles.

A Clockwork Hero[]

Scooter, now back to his original scarab model, is eagerly watching Mechanicles work on his latest invention. As Mechanicles finishes his work, he begins boasting to Scooter who quietly follows and tentatively listens to everything Mechanicles says as he unveils his masterpiece and "son" Junior. He then explains to Scooter how Junior will carry his legacy and finally destroy Aladdin.

Later on Mechanicles is shocked to find out that Junior has become "friends" with Aladdin, completely unaware that Junior is under the control of Wahid. Mechanicles then hops onto Scooter and together prepare to take control of Junior via Mechanicles' newest robotic bugs which enforce his evil will onto Junior, taking control away from Wahid. Mechanicles then has Scooter take him straight to Junior's head to remove Wahid but is held back by Abu, Iago and Carpet, ruining Scooter's finish in the process and causing it to crash into Junior, reducing him to a pile of scrap.

The Love Bug[]

When Mechanicles plots to destroy Thundra's rainforest, Scooter once again serves as his faithful steed and companion. Once Mechanicles evil plot is foiled and his mechanical termites destroyed, he calls upon Scooter who swiftly flies in to save its master from Aladdin and his group, with both flying away as Mechanicles swears revenge.